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Country Club La Envía Golf - Vicar

When it was built in the early 199os people said, "Where's Vicar?" now, you take the mountain road inland towards Enix and are amazed at the sheer volume of development that has place. There are houses and apartments everywhere. Fortunately the golf course was laid out in a valley and is largely unaffected by the intense building activity going on around and above it.

La Envia is probably one of the easiest courses to get on to since few of the residents whose homes overlook the course seem interested in the game. The area offers stunning mountain scenery and great sunset. The course is fine - just be vigilant On the cart paths they take traffic in both directions but there is room only for one buggy. Work that one out.

How to get there: From the Almería-Málaga highway take the exit marked Aguadulce-Enix. As soon as you have left the highway you will come to a roundabout: take the road the right heading towards Enix and the golf course is about 2 kilometres Farther on.

Address/Dirección: Carretera de Alicún Km. 10.300. Autovía del Mediterraneo, salida 429 Direccion Enix, Felix 04727 Vicar, Almería. Telephone: 950-55-96-56

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